A life of painting

From her earliest memories, home life was filled with paintings, her father’s, his friends, museums full of the Australian Impressionists, the smell of paint, the side of dusty Australian highways to catch ‘just that light’ as her father watercoloured. It was part of the family DNA so a degree in Art History was the obvious choice. She focused on 1880 - 1970 British and European painting, with a fascination in the applied arts, the Omega Workshops, Sonya Delaunay… anyone putting colour and pattern to be worn, sat on, lived with.

A sliding door moment in her 20s presented the opportunity to put all that colour onto ‘wearable art’ and ‘Maggie White knitwear’ was born. A lifetime in design and only in her retirement has she taken up a paintbrush. Now emerging from a traditional training at the Norfolk Painting School, she is finding her way and her subjects.

Maggie has been a member of the Chelsea Arts Club since 1980 and divides her time between the Cotswolds and the West of Ireland.

Maggie White Knitwear

The early 1980s were a wonderful moment for artisan, individual knitwear design. The American stores lapped it up and the “Maggie White” label became firmly established. They were sold around the world, being awarded a British Fashion Export Award in 1999. The Maggie White shop in Burford in the Cotswolds specialised in her designs for 35 years, together with beautiful things from around the world.

In the Studio