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Posted: 27th August 2019

In order of appearance:


Back row from right to left:


Jo - who ran the Flax wholesale department and everything else behind the scenes, is moving across the road to keep Maggie in order!


Letty - our jewellery queen, patience personified, will be spending time at the seaside, toes in the sand.  You'll find her on the Cobb in Lyme Regis (CF French Lieutenant's Woman).


Sarah - our alterations queen, and also our local Burford Councillor (we're very proud!)  She is diversifying into something new with a calculator!


Julie - our style guru, could shop out of her own wardrobe!  Came to us from Gossip, lucky us!!  We wish her the happiest retirement with Charlie and Freddie.

 Lynn - our Sunday Maggie White Girl, and neutrals queen (she only wears grey!), will continue to anchor the weekend for Sahara.

 Bridget - our wonderful Bridget, one half of our fantastic Thursday double act (Phidget - with Philippa!).  We are delighted to say that she is remaining in the building as Sahara move in, and will help you all with the transition. 

Juliet - there isn't enough time to tell you how wonderful Juliet is, she's been a superlative manager.  She's now on "gardening leave"... (she's not a gardener?!)  And going to spend time in the French Alps... (and she doesn't ski?!)

 Angela - beloved Angela.  Came in with our dawn of time, and we're so honoured she stayed with us right until the very end.

 Jack Swallow - steam enthusiast, fisherman, expert in medieval buildings, is dismantling us as we write!

 Louis (my wayward son) - kept us afloat after our particular tsunami in 2008, left in 2012 to run a charity in Malawi.  In October 2016 he set off up Burford hill on a pushbike with 4 paniers containing his worldly goods.  I asked him to turn around at the top of the hill and wave goodbye to me - no such luck!  He bicycled to India, from which he doesn't seem to have returned!


Front row:


(Right) - Charlotte - has been our wonderful student and after finding out today that she has done brilliantly in her A levels, is staying on through her gap year with Sahara.

 (Left) - Philippa - our queen of coordination, (and the other half of Phidget!), raised all our games in terms of style when she joined us.  We're so delighted that she is also remaining here with Sahara. 

(Centre) - and last, me, Maggie!  As I close the door for the last time, I'll be twirling... twirling.. (You've Got Mail). 


Overflowing with gratitude from the conversations, the messages, the flowers, your support, the fun we've had, and a wave to the generations of staff and customers, past and present.

 And so begin The ervan Years! 


Pam (Wonderful MW manager, 1995-2010) and I have knitting plans!!



Isla - sadly missing from the group photo, but still a huge part of the family and much loved by us all. We are so thrilled she got a 1st in English!



And finally, Ollie. None of this would have been possible without him.


 1949 - 2008


Posted: 18th July 2019

reflected years of long haul by Oliver, the USA each spring and Ireland, selling to the US tourists who travelled there.

When he felt like an adventure he would add in Australia, South Africa, South America and Korea.  I think Real Tennis was the real draw and he played on half the courts in the world.  But he sold knitwear there too!

Princess Anne, as President of the British Fashion and Textile Association visited us here in Burford in the autumn of 2000.  She spent time in the workroom in the Falkland Hall, and visited the shop.  She had arrived from Romania the night before, and we were her first of four official visits that day.  What a star!!

A day to remember.


We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Posted: 11th July 2019

We now have more Laurie trousers in the basic colours, dark denim, mid denim, black, navy and anthra, stock up now for winter!

The Maggie White Sale continues.


We look forward to seeing you soon!