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Maggie White

Timeless designs in timeless Burford

About us


Since 1985 the Maggie White shop has sat like a precious gem nestled in the idyllic medieval wool town of Burford in the Cotswolds, steeped in history and the warmth of the famous local stone. The luscious Windrush valley, overflowing with the mystique and vibrancy so richly enjoyed by visitors, became home for the inspirational knitwear designs of founder and current owner, Maggie White.

From being the ‘it’ item on the ski slopes and represented in five stores on Fifth Avenue in one season – as well as in Paris Tokyo Sydney – the designs have become classics in their own right, loved, collected and still asked for. Whether it’s the edginess of Matisse, the grandeur of the Venetian Renaissance or the repetitive beat of the African Ashanti, Maggie White’s unique talent has always been in providing the perfect complement to the life style of the confident woman projecting herself through her choice of clothes.


And customers still make pilgrimages to the shop from all over the world because they know they will find that unusual or special item, something quirky and individual, they are looking for. The 80s blazed colour, the 90s were highly patterned and the 00s have proved to be contemporary, generous and edgy with designers such as Flax, Backstage, Oska, Rundholz, Elemente Clemente taking centre stage.

The aim hasn’t changed – a passion for giving women who know what they want the clothes and accessories (the shop also has a wide range of contemporary ethnic, avant-garde, semi precious jewellery available) that will make them look and feel wonderful. It’s simple. Maggie White is the shop where you want to walk out wearing everything.