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Elemente Clemente

Posted: 28th March 2019

   Elemente Clemente - one of our favourite collections which we have stocked for years. 

It's feminine.  Fabrics are always fantastic, and the finish is excellent.  We love it, you'll love it too!


Previous discounts continue:


25% off all cabinet jewellery, and all earrings


 50% off all other jewellery


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Hi, I'm Jo, and I'm usually tucked away upstairs in the Maggie White Shop looking after the paperwork and newsletters etc.


As I'm part time at the shop, and with both of my children at secondary school, I found myself with some spare time on my hands.  Having seen the amazing results in a few people very close to me, I spent 2017 retraining in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. 


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